INDONESIA Ranked 2nd Most Beautiful Country in The World

The wonderful beauty of the Indonesian archipelago once again received worldwide recognition as Indonesia was named the fourth most beautiful country in the world through the survey conducted on Twitter and Pinterest by United Kingdom’s leading leisure travel company website, First Choice.
Topped only by Latvia, Mexico, and Turkey, Indonesia managed to outrank other countries in the top ten which include United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil, India, and Canada. Other popular vacation countries such as Swiss, France, Spain, and Japan did not even make it to the top ten. The survey was officially closed at midnight GMT on Friday, 18 May 2012.

As an archipelagic country, the splendors of Indonesia are as many as its countless islands. From the tropical white sandy beaches of Bali and Lombok, the underwater paradises in Raja ampat, Bunaken, and Wakatobi, to the majestic summits of Mount Tambora and the Carstensz Pyramid, the natural landscapes of Indonesia are the physical definition of beauty. The magnificent Borobudur Temple, the imposing Prambanan Temple, and the fascinating traditions of Toraja, are just to name a few of the fascinating heritage features that make Indonesian culture equally fascinating. The combination of these natural and cultural wonders are the reasons behind the high votes, thus placing Indonesia in the top part of the list.

First Choice released an interactive infographic on the previous month asking people around the globe to share which country they think is the most beautiful. This project has inspired thousands of people to discuss the question on Twitter and hundreds more to create Pinterest boards of the countries, landscapes, people and cultures that inspire them. The response was so phenomenal that the committee decided to extend voting for an extra week.
Pinterest submissions were judged by TravelMail/Daily Mail Online editor, Sarah Gordon, First Choice travel expert and Communications Director, Fiona Jennings, and travel photographer Stuart Dunn. Dunn won the Travel Photographer of the Year 2011 award in the “One Shot – Wild Moments” category. The best Pinterest submission was awarded with a Nikon 3100 camera, and one lucky Twitter entry will be picked at random to win an iPhone 4S.

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I think Indonesia is the Most Beautiful Country in the World :)